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Pique Squid is an innovative IT and marketing firm that stands out in the industry. With its distinctive approach and expertise, Pique Squid offers a range of services that cater to the needs of businesses looking to grow and thrive in the digital landscape.

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How the unexpected intertwines with the extraordinary to bring about delightful results.

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You are finally reaping the benefits and rewards of the hard work we've put in.

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Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business


Branding is like giving your business a fun and wacky costume, making it stand out from the crowd and leaving a memorable impression on people.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is like having a super-powered crystal ball that helps you make sense of all the numbers and data, so you can make smarter decisions and avoid any embarrassing banana peel slips along the way.

Web Development

Web Development is like being a digital wizard, conjuring up a magical online world where websites come to life, and coding spells turn pixels into pixel-perfect masterpieces.

Systems Development

Systems Development is like being a digital wizard, creating magical potions that turn your phone into a pocket-sized wonderland of endless fun and cat videos.


Marketing is like being a master detective, unraveling the mysterious algorithms of search engines to ensure your website gets the attention it deserves, and your keywords become the talk of the town.

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"Call Us For A Quote" is like dialing a secret hotline where our team of quote superheroes are ready to swoop in and save the day with their super-fast calculations and witty pricing powers.

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